The Shari Robot ASM780 CE is a Must for any large sushi kitchen. Mixing up to 14kg of sushi grade rice in under 13 minutes and automatically delivers the rice into your shari box when the cycle is done.


The Shari robot suitable for any large sized sushi kitchen is no doubt the ASM780 CE. With a production capacity of up to 14kg of sushi rice, thanks to its cradle like mixing motion and its MAX BLOW option your shari will be transferred in your shari box at exactly the right temperature for serving. The new special resin that has been developed for AUTEC will make cleaning and removing the mixing drum a lot easier and quicker, optimising your work time.

An emergency stop button is easy to push in case needed and the lid is equipped with sensors. These make sure that while the machine is completing a cycle nobody can get their hand anywhere near the mixing bar, it also means that nothing can drop into your perfect shari while being mixed.

Shari Maker - Rice & Vinergar Mixer

  • ASM780 CE